Blogpoll Week 10: Can We Just Rank the Top 10?

    It appears that the mediocrity in college football this season has spread to everywhere but the top 10 teams in the land. Conference play has bared that fact to the college basketball fandom, and made it especially clear to me when I tried to resume rank teams 15-25. A quick reminder: resume ranking is solely based on a team’s body of work. In short, who have you beaten, who have you lost to. As SMQ, the grandaddy of resume ranking, likes to say: This is not a power poll.

I’m trying a new format for the justifications this week, please tell me if you like it.

  1.     Memphis- More quality wins that UNC and no losses means that they are number 1.
  2.     UNC-Can pass Memphis with more quality wins in the ACC, which are harder to come by this year.
  3.     Kansas-Same as UNC.
  4.     UCLA-The clear 4th right now. With the strength of the Pac-10, they may have the best shot at passing Memphis.
  5.     Tennessee-After early season struggles, Tennessee has roared back with good wins over Ole Miss and Xavier.
  6.     Butler-Holding steady now, but will be passed as teams get better wins than are available in the Horizon.
  7.     Texas A&M-Same as Butler, could fall even with wins as their schedule doesn’t get interesting until Jan. 30.
  8.     Washington State-Ran into the one type of team that it cannot play against in UCLA. Should rebound,  however.
  9.     Michigan State-Still the best in the Big 10 despite an embarrassing loss to Iowa.
  10.     Dayton-The Flyers added another impressive win over Rhode Island last week. The Pitt win looks better, too.
  11.     Indiana-The toughest team to rank: lots of good wins, but no marquee top-50 wins yet. Expect them to rise.
  12.     Duke-The Bluedevils have only played 11 games, and only own good wins over Marquette and Wisconsin.
  13.     Marquette-Linked with Duke since the beginning of the season, lost head to head and lost spot.
  14.     Xavier-The first 3-loss team in the poll, but their wins (and losses) are solid.
  15.     Vanderbilt-Not so much a penalty for the loss to Kentucky, but for the relative lack of quality wins so far.
  16.     Texas-Another enigma of a team. Great wins, but is falling rapidly.
  17.     St Mary’s-The Gaels own lots of good wins, and in as muddled a bottom half, that is good enough for 17th.
  18.     Wisconsin-Another “eh” team that just happens to have “good” losses and a few quality wins.
  19.     Ole Miss-Much like Vandy, Mississippi moves down because of a lack of good wins more than their loss last week.
  20.     Rhode Island-Should not be penalized because of losing to Dayton at home. They could easily move back up.
  21.     Pittsburgh-Win over Georgetown keeps Pitt in the poll this week.
  22.     West Virginia-Yet another flawed Big East team who has good wins over Marquette and Syracuse.
  23.     Notre Dame-See previous two.
  24.     Oregon-Looking to be back on track after wins over Arizona and Stanford.
  25.     Drake-No good wins, but 5-0 in the MVC gets you a spot in this flawed period in college basketball.

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