Big Ten Rule? Check.

By Trot Nixon’s Hat

What’s that you say? You’ve been trying to figure out the Big Ten Rule? Well, fortunately, every now and again – well, let’s check that, and say most of the time a game occurs between a Big Ten team and a second Big Ten team – we have proof of this disgusting, horrid rule that I came up with. Unfortunately, this abortion of a description of one of collegiate athletics’ top conferences was once again prescient in today’s Iowa-Michigan State game which finished with No. 6 MSU (Seriously? 6? I still think they deserve a D-II asterisk for the rest of the year on any ranking) losing to the Hawkeyes 43-36. After 40 minutes. This doesn’t even approach the St. Louis debacle of earlier this week.

 First, I want to point out the ESPN headline for this game: Mighty Spartans? No. 6 Michigan State runs into Iowa.

I don’t think that we can use the word “run” when describing a D-I basketball game that finished at 43-36. I want to point out that Michigan State was one of my picks for teams we don’t know jack about at this stage of the season. Ok, self-congratulation over. Well, not quite. Games like this are the reason that the Big Ten Rule was conceived.

When said game includes the supposed top team in the Big Ten, I forsee a wonderful future for the Big Ten Rule.


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