SWAC Basketball: Tetnus Shots Required

By Chilltown
By now, almost all college basketball fans know about the six remaining undefeated teams in the land. However, it is much more interesting to inspect the other side of the coin: the defeateds. There are 8 teams left in Division I basketball that have not gotten their first win against a Division I opponent. Shockingly, 4 of them are in the Southwest Athletic Conference (SWAC), whose winner is a perennial play-in game participant. While the SWAC is usually a terrible league, this year takes the cake. The best record in the SWAC is 2-7. The combined record of the SWAC so far against Division I teams is a shocking 8-84.

Regular readers will know that I often enjoy analyzing the misery of the dregs of college basketball, and this is no exception. Join me after the jump as I examine these beaten down teams in a schadenfreude-filled trip of terrible basketball.

Mississippi Valley State (0-9):

The first of the four winless SWAC teams is Mississippi Valley State. Sadly, the best thing about this basketball team is the stellar nickname, the Delta Devils. MSVT suffered one of the worst losses ever when they played Washington State, a stifling defensive team. The Delta Devils managed just nine second-half points in a 71-26 drubbing. Their closest call came against Montana, to whom they dropped a 69-62 game.

Will they win a game? The answer has to be yes for any team in the SWAC, a league whose best record is 2-7.

Grambling (0-7):

Grambling is the second of the winless SWAC teams, and quite possibly the worst. According to Ken Pomeroy’s invaluable rankings, Grambling has the worst offense in all of the land. The Tigers have suffered the embarrassment of losing not once, but twice to Division II basketball teams. Grambling also lost to Houston by a wopping 42 points. Their best effort so far was against Georgia, but that still was a 13-point defeat. At least Grambling fans can take solace in the school’s legendary marching band.

Will they win a game? Again the answer must be yes, but this team should finish at the bottom of the putrid SWAC.

Alabama A&M (0-9):

Alabama A&M is just a terrible basketball team. The Bulldogs have one of the most befuddling stat lines I have ever seen; their assist to turnover ratio is 1:2. Yes, you read that correctly, for every assist Alabama A&M makes, they turn it over twice. Alabama A&M does hold a little place in college basketball trivia this year, however; they were the team that Gardner Webb beat in the Preseason NIT before they shocked the college basketball world by beating Kentucky. The Bulldogs have actually suffered the closest defeat of any team on this list, having dropped a 78-76 heart breaker to Winston Salem State.

Will they win a game? In the SWAC? Yes they will.

Alcorn State (0-12):

Alcorn State is the final winless team in the SWAC, and has the dubious distinction of having the worst loss of any team on this list. Yes, Alcorn State got blown out 86-73 by the Bulldogs of Tougaloo University, a liberal arts college with an enrollment of 913. If that wasn’t enough to convince you that your local YMCA team could hang with the Braves, listen to this stat: Alcorn State is giving up 48.6 percent made shots from behind the 3-point line. To put this in perspective, there is not a single team in the land that shoots better than 45% from deep. Yet, somehow, the Braves manage to let their opponents make 1 out of every 2 shots from behind the line. Five 6’5″ boards of wood might do better.

Will they win a game? Yes, they will win a game, but I will be tracking this team solely to see if the 3-point shooting defense continues.



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10 responses to “SWAC Basketball: Tetnus Shots Required

  1. Kyle S

    I saw Texas Southern play this year at the Vegas Classic (I was there to see Bama play, and the tickets were for an all day session so I took advantage of it) and they are horrendous. I mean, there is no way that team should be playing in Division 1 – they had a player who was listed at 5’4, but I’ll be damned if he cracked the 5 foot margin. I played teams in high school that may not beat TSU in a best of 7 series, but would definately push it to at least 6. They were the worst D1 team I’ve ever seen, and by the sounds of it they may be only the 5th worst team in the SWAC.

  2. 1. A big part of that is the limited resources available in facilities, recruiting, and the number of big programs that are across the south.

    2. Not excusing the lack of talent, coaching or product the SWAC puts on the floor, but they do have several players and teams ranked in significant statistical categories.


  3. chilltown

    Kyle: The sad thing is that Texas Southern will probably finish in the top half of this league.

    HBCU: Interesting. A lot of these schools play ridiculous non-conference schedules to pick up checks; do they reinvest that money into the basketball program?

  4. Youmty

    Just do this little course and they will play better. It’s a matter of the right kind of energy. No contradictions. Logic.

  5. aly2426

    i love webkinz


    After many years of following the SWAC, it comes down to poor coaching and players not getting better during there stays. It seems the players never improve from year to year. The players tend to look physically outmatched and weak. These teams need to do the following:

    1) Soften the schedule, losing will take the heart out of you and if you are chronically outmatched, you lose, no fans show, the players begin to not care, etc. – play more games to your level and schedule teams you can beat, got to be somebody besides each other, who wants to play for a loser
    2) Find new coaches, get coaches who teach basketball fundamentals to make you a better player & have some idea of what it takes to compete at a higher level. Quit recycling a HBCU guys and get the best coaches available. Morgan State has turned it’s program around with Todd Bozeman, Jackson State has bounced back to be near the top of conference
    3) Establish a sound conditioning & weightlifting program
    4) The players need to practice their games with a purpose – to get better, care
    5) a lot of undersized point guards go unrecruited, so you may have to go small at the small position, as noted earlier in the blog – assist to turnover ratio – fewer turnovers, more shot opportunities leading to more points and less fast break opportunities
    6) Players need to be retained, some of schools have low graduation rates therefore a larger turnover of players, less stability & growth

    1993 was the year – Southern over Georgia Tech in the NCAA & Jackson State over UConn in theNIT

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