Omnibus Post

Since Congress sneaked an omnibus spending bill by the media and the country on Christmas Eve, I figured we here at Storming the Court could provide you with an omnibus college basketball post to get you caught up on this holiday week of hoops. Firstly, I have some very exciting news about the college basketball blogpoll: it will be hosted here next week, as March To Madness is out of the country. This week it was hosted at Vegas Watch. My individual Blogpoll ballot will be up on Monday, and the poll in all of its glory will be up on Wednesday, with some discussion.

The big story in college hoops this week was the return of Eddie Sutton to coaching at San Francisco. While it is good to see a hall of fame coach get to coach one more year and leave on his own terms instead of a DUI, I can’t help but have a bitter taste in my mouth. This whole thing is a publicity stunt which Sutton admitted is mainly to get his 800th career win (currently he sits on 798). I feel especially bad for the players, who must be conflicted over this turn of events. On the one hand, it will be a thrill to be coached by the legendary Sutton, but on the other, they must resent being used as tools in a stunt, and probably the fact that their coach was a casualty in the affair. San Francisco is simply a terrible basketball team, so it will be interesting to watch Sutton try to adapt to the players that he currently has. Frankly, if he gets USF to 10 wins this season (they currently are 4-8), he will have earned his place in the coaching hall of fame.

In a few hours, I will have a preview of the big games of the weekend up.


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