Blogpoll Week 6

By Chilltown

Big Changes this week in my blogpoll ballot. I decided that I finally had enough games to do what I’ve always wanted to try: resume ranking (coined by SMQ for the college football blogpoll). So I looked at every team’s best wins, and their losses, and came up with a ranking based solely on what they’ve done so far. This has absolutely nothing to do with which team will go further in March, this has to do with the quality of the team’s wins.

The full Blogpoll will be released Wednesday at March to Madness (see Blogroll). Justifications with fancy tables after the jump.

  1. Texas

  2. Memphis

  3. Washington State

  4. Kansas

  5. North Carolina

  6. Duke

  7. UCLA

  8. Georgetown

  9. Michigan State

  10. Texas A&M

  11. Butler

  12. Indiana

  13. Marquette

  14. Pittsburgh

  15. Tennessee

  16. Vanderbilt

  17. Arizona

  18. Rhode Island

  19. Miami

  20. Clemson

  21. Dayton

  22. BYU

  23. Xavier

  24. USC

  25. Gonzaga

Here is the side-by-side comparison for teams 1-7 (in order from left to right):



Washington State


North Carolina


















The wins are ranked in order from top to bottom. Thus wins in the same row are comparable (not even, but relatively even). Texas gets the nod at #1 because they have two top 15 wins (neither at home). Memphis is next with three very solid if unspectacular wins. The biggest surprise was Washington State. A win At Gonzaga compares favorably to every other win by the teams below it, and At Baylor is a very underrated win.

#4 Kansas has good wins over USC and Arizona. The big loser in the top group was North Carolina, whose wins over BYU and Ohio State were good, but not as good as any team above them. #6 Duke has the second best single win of the group over Marquette (behind Texas over UCLA), but that was their only good win.

UCLA gets the nod at #7 over Georgetown based on the strength of their win over Michigan State. Their loss to Texas drops them, but not enough to fall below Georgetown whose best win is At Alabama. Of course this could all change if Georgetown beats Memphis on Saturday.

Here is the comparison for the next group of teams, from 9-15. The wins are ranked the same, but the bottom line shows the losses (or lack thereof):

Michigan State

Texas A&M








@Texas Tech

@Southern Illinois



@West Virginia


@Ohio State

Ohio State







Florida State

Georgia Tech

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State


Here is where resume ranking really helped me sort out these teams that were giving me trouble before. Michigan State earned the #9 spot with good road wins over BYU and Missouri. One of the toughest decisions in the poll was Texas A&M over Butler. Butler has slightly better wins, but the loss at Wright State hurts. This was close, but Texas A&M gets the nod.

Indiana and Marquette were similar, but Indiana takes the #12 ranking based on its win At Southern Illinois. Although Pittsburgh is undefeated, they slotted in at #14 because their best win (Oklahoma State) is simply not very good. Rounding out the top 15 is Tennessee, whose win over West Virginia is looking better and better.

Here is the head-to-head comparison for Nos. 16-21 (the bottom two lines show losses):



Rhode Island












Georgia Tech



Mississippi State

Mississippi State

@George Mason

@Holy Cross










Boston College



NC State

@George Mason

Again, resume ranking really helped me with the bottom of the poll. It was nice to be able to ignore the team name and simply rank based on the wins and losses. Vanderbilt starts this group off at #16. Arizona has a very good win at Texas A&M, but their two losses dropped them below Vandy. Rhode Island was a surprise at #18. Its wins over Syracuse and Providence more than offset its three-point loss at Boston College.

Clemson and Miami are another example of resume ranking helping me. So far, I had consistently ranked Clemson ahead of Miami, but when comparing them head-to-head, it is clear that Miami should be higher. Clemson and Miami share wins at Mississippi State, but Miami has a win against Providence to augment its resume. Villanova gets the nod over Dayton at #20 for having beaten the same George Mason team that Dayton lost to.

Finally, here is the comparison for teams 22-25, and a couple more I considered for the poll (bottom 2 lines for losses):






West Virginia









Southern Illinois


@Kansas State








Michigan State

@Arizona State


Texas Tech




BYU stays steady at #22. Its win over Louisville is losing value, however. Xavier still has a great win over Indiana, but it came out extremely flat against Arizona State yesterday. They would usually drop out, but the teams below have equally questionable resumes.

USC at #24 surprised me. The quality of their wins however outweighed their three losses (two of which were to top 4 teams). Rounding out the poll was Gonzaga, whose losses (and best win) were better than Oregon’s. West Virginia needs a real win before I rank them.

Expect another shakeup after this upcoming week’s games (more on that later).



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