Blogpoll: Week 5

The new blogpoll should be up shortly over at March To Madness, so I decided to post my ballot and rationale here:

  1. Memphis
  2. UNC
  3. Texas
  4. Kansas
  5. Washington State
  6. Duke
  7. UCLA
  8. Georgetown
  9. Texas A&M
  10. Indiana
  11. Tennessee
  12. Michigan State
  13. Pittsburgh
  14. Marquette
  15. Louisville
  16. Oregon
  17. Butler
  18. Clemson
  19. Vanderbilt
  20. Xavier
  21. USC
  22. Gonzaga
  23. Miami (Fl)
  24. St. Mary’s
  25. Arizona

Join me after the jump for justifications and an attempt to muddle through teams 10-20.

Memphis will remain #1 until they lose or a team definitively overtakes them. Although UNC and Texas are close, they haven’t proved themselves better than Memphis yet.

Kansas is really 4 by default. They look very good, even without Sherron Collins. Washington State jumped over Duke with its impressive win at Gonzaga, while UCLA held steady at 7. Georgetown looks promising, but hasn’t played anyone yet.

Now the poll gets very debatable. Teams 9-17 could honestly be thrown in a box and picked out at random, and no one could really argue. Texas A&M has been impressive so far, and Indiana surprised me with how good they looked without Eric Gordon. Tennessee is starting to hit their stride, but if I had a do-over, I would put them behind Michigan State.

Pittsburgh has always been a hard to read team in the early season. But after watching them play at Washington, it is clear that this team is extremely talented. However, they have yet to learn how to finish games. Marquette picked up a solid win at the imposing Kohl Center against an admittedly down Wisconsin team.

Now here comes my biggest mistake: I submitted the poll before learning of Derrick Caracter’s suspension. I would put Louisville at about 20 had I known. Oregon looked good dismantling Utah on Saturday, while Butler dropped a tough one at Wright State, where they have lost 7 in a row.

18 and 19 are Clemson and Vandy, two undefeated teams who have yet to have been really challenged. Xavier is staying pat at 20. At 21, I have USC, who looked bad in that ugly loss to Memphis, but has looked better than the other teams that fill out the poll (with the possible exception of St. Mary’s).  The poll is rounded out by Gonzaga (boy do they miss Heytvelt), Miami, St. Mary’s, and Arizona.

The next few just outside the poll would be BYU, Villanova, Rhode Island, and West Virginia. Next week, I will take a resume-ranking approach, so my poll could be significantly altered. I am intrigued by it and want to do it at least once.



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3 responses to “Blogpoll: Week 5

  1. Rick

    You lose a lot of credibility with putting Georgetown at #8….Yeah they lost Jeff Green but they have added 2 mdaa in the rotation who are both consistently scoring in double digits are getting serious p.t…

  2. chilltown

    Rick I actually like Georgetown. I think that with Louisville’s struggles that they are clearly the best team in the Big East. But their best win is over Alabama, an NIT team. All the teams ahead of them have better wins to their name, and the one loss (UCLA) was to Texas. If Georgetown beats Memphis, they will shoot up my poll probably to the top 2-3, but right now I have no basis for putting them ahead of those other teams (other than gut feeling, which has no place in my poll).

  3. SA

    other than gut feeling, which has no place in my poll

    You must not have read any college football blogger’s blogpoll from the last two years. After the top 10 it’s all gut feeling. Especially this early in the season.

    And it’s nice to see Clemson do it annual dance of being in the top 20 only to fall out once ACC season starts.

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