Good Hoops: Big 12 v. Pac 10

by Johninho

I meant to give ‘Zona some love when it happened for opening the Big 12 vs. Pac 10 Hardwood Challenge at Kansas. Overtime at Allen Fieldhouse when Lute is down and you’re not even ranked is the epitome of moral victories, and nothing to be ashamed of, it goes without saying. It’s still an L, but it’s a good L, according to the Selection Committee. Nicely done, Cats.

I still don’t understand how this draw works, unless it is actually a blind draw; it seems to me that Kansas should have to play the #1 Bruins of Westwood, and if a Texas or an Oklahoma wants to slide into the 2 hole and play #6 Wazoo at Pullman, that would be highly standup of them as well.

I’m watching some more tonight. So grab a seat, put on the Deuce (c’mon, CSI’s a rerun anyway), and join me for some sweet hoops…

But somebody decided (or did they?) that Oregon’s matchup should be Kansas State. I’d have picked the Sooners, especially with former Portland all-City point Omar Leary running the show for Jeff Capel’s Norman kids. So here I am, ass on couch, laptop at the ready, doing my first live-blog: sorta. I’m not your ace multi-tasker, but I’ll try to jot down some impressions.

– First, K State is a formidable foe; Beasley’s the real deal, and especially for Oregon, this lineup presents matchup problems.

– This is CERTAINLY NOT how I’d line up against K-State’s three forwards. We’re way too small. Leunen at a CENTER is Madness, and Catron isn’t even big enough.

– Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we insert a legitimate big (Platt), we don’t have to collapse the post on Beasley, and we can (sorta) get out on shooters. Although not nearly enough. I thought Temple looked sluggish in the 2-3 matchup, back in the day – I apparently have no idea. We look tired.

– And are giving it up way too easy. Our guys are jet-lagged, for Christ’s sake. Someone distribute the Red Bull, mfing stat!

– Retarded charge call on Taylor. Big 12 refs, what’re you gonna do.

– For looking horrible, we’re hanging in, but we should be doing more than that.

– And now we’re getting boxed out.

– Makeup call on Gilbert of KSU for the block.

– I’d say the Wildcats are doing a good job of defending from the post out; it enables them to close on our perimeter threat. But we’ve got personnel, too. I still don’t understand why Schafer hasn’t made an appearance for us.

– Sick transition hoop for Beasley. If it wasn’t Manhattan, KS, this would remind me of one of those Penn All-Stars vs. the rest of the Country games, where they run the poor visiting kids ragged so they’ll look bad against the Pennsylvanians.

– If KSU got any calls, or made free throws, this would already be over.

– If we get Taylor going at all, we’re right back in this instantly.

– While we’re thinking of Jimmy V, I wish to note that his championship run began in none other than Gill Coliseum in Corvallis, Oregon.

– We score about 80 a game. Not tonight.

– I’m not sure you want to slow it down. See?

– At Halftime, down three is not good, but not hopeless.

Surprises me no one (Sven? Manny’s? Jerkwheat? Anybody? Bueller?) is doing this for the ACC v. Big 10.

Austin Daye is Tayshaun Prince with a skosh more muscle mass and Larry Moten’s do. Sick, sick player. Can’t wait to see some Zags.

So before we take the ball out for the second half, some notes:

We shouldn’t be in this game, and I hate that I’m doubting Ernie Kent’s rotation, but there it is. I’d have bitten the bullet and gone with Schafer or Platt in the middle to start ahead of Catron and give Leunen a little help in the middle, and sprinkled Porter/Taylor/Hairston along the perimeter.

K State’s playing very well, and what I don’t think is noticed among the Beasley hubbub is that the Wildcats have some *nice* guards who space, hustle and do their freaking jobs. If they’re not ranked yet, they should be, pronto. Kudos to them.

On the other hand, Jimmy Dykes has had too *much* Red Bull, and is going grand mal about chocolate soup. WTH?

– Okay, here we go. Our ball to start the half. I understand that Ernie likes to exploit matchups, but we HAVE NONE.

– I have to give Leunen credit for not fouling out against Beasley, but we can’t keep trading inside baskets with him.

– We are getting posted TF up. So very not cool. And it’s too late to go apeshit, Joevan.

– However, there can’t be many more fouls to go around without someone being in trouble in purple.

– IBID on the being posted up.

– My man E’an: “Make a damn shot at the rim.”

– I was just about to say, the guards at KSU can’t be happy about being told they must always pound Beasley down low, when they rotate nicely and get three.

– Horrible sequence where Catron narrowly avoids 3 seconds, puts up a brick from 2′, and then gets outworked for the rebound. No wonder we lost at St. Mary’s.

– K State opens the 2nd half +5 for half, +8 for game, when we get a nice drive and another two on breakaway.

– Down year for talent at K State, apparently.

– Fran comments that the Zone gives K State trouble. I beg to differ: A zone with Bigs in it could give K State trouble. And that was absolutely the right call on the block on Leunen’s drive.

– Nice shout to the “Internet blogs”.

– Gilbert is killing us from the left wing.

– If Platt had a drop-step, he’d be a 10 point a game guy.

– Good lord, can we either 1) defend the interior on the break, or 2) make a three?

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune > Pitfall for the Atari. Just sayin’.

– Oh my God – first, the reason Gilbert’s going bonkers on the wing is because that’s Hairston’s spot in the zone, and secondly, can we not dribble it off our foot, FFS?

– Thank you, Andre Gilbert, for that momentum changing Intentional Foul. If we could make a fucking foul shot.

– Bad ass crossover for Acting Point Guard Joevan Catron.

– Both stunned: E’an and I, that we’re only down a bucket. D’oh – 4 on Catron, and that’s our offense. Platt in – WHERE. IS. SCHAFER?!

– Taylor heating up. This could save us…

– We’re leading. I have no idea how.

– Thank you for not closing out on our 5′ 6″ marksman.

– This is as stealth a lead as I’ve seen Oregon ever get.

– And then K State comes right back. It’s 1 now.

– I hate this Xantac shit – ever-switching leads.

– This is much closer than it should be, even for a road game. K State, regardless of the result, should get all the respect Arizona got for going into Allen.

– And now I KNOW it’s Lotto-style. Washington State and BAYLOR? Yeah, right.

– Fifty pick-and-rolls, shot. Good trip!

– And Beasley for K State. At least Leunen’s not burning fouls.

– Holding for one. This is the advantage to being Oregon this year: this is crunch time, and just about anybody out there can get us the last bucket.

– Maarty Leunen working his ASS OFF. Foul line, six seconds left. Wow.

– And now, explain to me again, Ernie Kent, how having him be the ONLY GUY IN THE BLOCK helps us win hard games in crunchtime. FFS, get him some help!!

– That was a freaking hollow point we dodged right there on the charge.

– Exhibit A why you need a short option on even a last-second heave.

– This is scary as hell. Just sayin’.


– Catron for us, Gilbert for them, each with 4. No one else is in that kind of trouble.

– I don’t agree with the lean-in, but that’s still a foul.

– We catch a break – Pullen bricks the front end. And give it right back. Leunen gets his 4th.

– Tie Game on Pullen’s 3. We get 2 back from Porter, and they turn it over.

– Leunen reaches in – BYEBYE. Damnit!

– K State’s certainly doing everything they can to help.

– Needless foul from Young sends Porter to the line for 2.

– Fran says don’t shoot the 3, and I’m inclined to agree with him when you’ve got Beasley.

– So intriguing idea – K State’s been horrid at the line, do you foul them and get them in the one and one? Nah. You’ve got three points, and the hammer – you want this over with as soon as possible.

– That’s it for Catron.

– Friggin’ yeoman’s work. He’s still not the big I want, but he did a hell of job, did Joevan Catron.

– How Andre Gilbert is still on the floor is a mystery to me.

– Beasley gets one.

– Ernie calls time just in time. That could have been disastrous.

– Oregon winds it down to 13 before KSU sends Brown to the line. He gets one, and Beasley misses from 3. Longmire gets the rebound, and is fouled. This could be ballgame.

– Of course, we can’t not make it interesting.

– OK, wow. KSU forgets to shoot a 3 after Longmire misses both. Zeroes. Break out the defibrillator, and we’re all tied up in the Hardwood.

Great Game. With Taylor, we’re formidable. Without, we’re Montana.

Hope you enjoyed!



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3 responses to “Good Hoops: Big 12 v. Pac 10

  1. Johninho

    I’m not doing it again, but if you didn’t get enough, the Sooners drew O.J. Mayo and SC over on Fox Sports Net (in most areas). Should be magical.

  2. Christina

    Are you going to be blogging the WSU v. Baylor match? Show the Cougs some much deserved love. (There’s also an excellent match up between UNC and Kentucky tomorrow, that would be worthy of a live-blog, whereas I really can’t see how Oregon is…)

  3. Johninho

    I can’t imagine even watching WSU/Baylor, much less live-blogging it, but that’s on Baylor – not the Cougs. WSU should have this game in hand by the first TV timeout.

    I’m planning on a liveblog for the Gonzaga/WSU game.

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