Chalk Happens

by Johninho

I trust that on a night when your viewing options were otherwise limited (MAC football in a down year, Kid Nation, and other unwatchable crap), you tuned in to see North Carolina (current #1) barely survive Davidson, that plucky little Bible school from Charlotte with Del Curry’s wispy kid at the 2, and otherwise the all-Mecklenburg County second team, 72-68.

And if you stay up a little later, you’ll see if I was right or wrong in Utah vs. U-Dub on the Deuce. (It’s going on now – Washington should pull away for good, soon.) Other than that, it’s still maestros vs. minnows.

So the questions for tonight are these: does that close a victory over that kind of team continue to earn Carolina the 1 spot, or do we now pass the crown to UCLA, who hasn’t had any trouble yet (but hasn’t played anybody)? And is new Duke forward Kyle Singler the second coming of Josh McRoberts, only uglier?

Fatten up now, Billy boy – SEC ball this year is going to feel like crossing the Equator as a seaman first class aboard an aircraft carrier.

“Thank you, honorable shellback! May I have another?”


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